Hello and welcome! I’m Sarah Abraham, LCSW, owner and therapist at 3C Counseling and Wellness LLC, located in the state of Connecticut. I provide virtual mental health therapy and wellness counseling to individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and feeling overwhelmed by life transitions. My primary focus is on helping new parents and individuals/couples who are struggling to start the family they desire.

Why 3C?
My intentions as a therapist are focused on 3C’s : caring, connecting and creating in collaboration with my clients. I strive to provide a safe place for you to overcome barriers and grow into who you are meant to be.

Caring: Start with an empathetic listener who cares about what you feel, think and what you want to accomplish. Build upon caring for yourself using the tools you have and learn new self-care routines.

Connecting: Focus on connecting or re-connecting with resources within yourself, family and the community for support and growth.

Creating: Ultimately we will work on creating a plan for your life that helps you feel healthy and balanced, followed by taking action to make it a reality.

Finding the right therapist can be challenging and building trust is often a slow process, particularly if you have experienced trauma in your life. Asking for help is not always easy, especially when life presents us with new challenges, or the same challenges on repeat. I’m glad you had the courage to seek out support today. I invite you to explore the links for more information about me and the services offered. Take your time to figure out if we may be a good fit, and when you’re ready use the contact link to pick your preferred method to schedule a consultation or appointment.

3C Counseling and Wellness LLC

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