Finding our voices

“There is a voice of inspiration within me. Right now it’s only a whisper, but the more I listen, the louder it will get” – Affirmators card

A few months before starting up 3C Counseling and Wellness LLC, I was looking to get back to part time work after being a full time stay at home parent, and discovered Grow Therapy. Suddenly I found myself creating a business that I had not intended to create just a few months before that. It seemed to happen quite suddenly, though in reality, for the past several years I had been preparing for it. Life was preparing me, but I had held back, and then finally I was catapulted forward.

I became inspired, my head full of ideas and ready to jump back into the world of therapy to help other new parents and those who had experienced loss or fertility struggles. I thought about my intentions – caring for others, helping them connect with resources they need, and creating space for others to grow and build a life they feel good about. “3C Counseling and Wellness” emerged.

After being in a pupa stage state- waiting, resting, struggling to grow, I finally began to emerge into my next phase of life. It was the little 3C butterfly logo that I drew late one night that led me to feel I HAD to do this. I was being called to it, to learn and grow myself as I helped others find the strength, tools and space to grow themselves.

A few days ago I had two people ask me “why” I do what I do-  what does it do for me and why do I choose to continue in this role. So I asked myself: Why did I choose this work – the work of listening, healing and supporting others through vulnerable moments in their lives? My why, just as sudden as the urge to start my own practice, emerged. I want to let others know they are seen and heard, and not alone. I want to allow others space to tell their story and have it be heard. I have been working on finding my voice and using it, and now I am called to empower others do the same. I have to use my strength, knowledge and experience to be a guiding light for others who may still be stuck in the storm.

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